Foiling & Die Cutting

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Metallic Foil Printing

The most commonly associated type of printing with the hot foil/stamping method. This involves putting metallic colours onto a variety of substrates (The material you are printing onto eg:- paper or card) Gold and Silver are of course the most popular colours as you would expect, but there are approx another 30-40 other metallic colours available to choose from should you so wish.




Matt and Gloss Foils

A wide range of colours are available across the whole spectrum.  White foil can have stunning effects on Black and dark backgrounds. Also foil can be used on very thick items that the Litho Process can not accommodate.


Debossing is where you physically stamp into an item and create an indent.


Debossing is also a very practical process and particularly blind debossing ( indenting a material with out the use of foil) can look stunning on the cover of  brochures.

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