By Brian Smith , November 2, 2020

“Intertype Poster”


Letterpress Poster “Intertype”

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  • This letterpress poster was printed on GF Smith 100gsm Sugar Paper
    (30 years old)! Using a Vandercook Universal III letterpress proofing press it uses
    Intertype slugs cast from matrices of our printshop typefaces for the Intertype Linecasting Machine
  • These represent the majority of matrices we now hold.
  • Limited run before dissing of forme, 100, copies only.
  • Dimensions  22.5 inches x 18 inches
  • This machine was made by Harris Intertype Limited, Slough, Bucks
    and used by The Guardian Newspaper. This typesetting machine was not only
    the last one built by Harris Intertype in 1976; it was the last of its kind ever made.
    It was installed at the Intertype Line headquarters of The Guardian newspapers
    on Farringdon Road in June 1976 and used until The Guardian transferred
    to different machinery in May 1987.
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